Laughter DietEvolution of a Heretic, JFN & FNC

"People don't change because what they know; 
people change because what they feel."

     ~Oprah Winfrey
"When You're Laughing; You're Listening & Validating!" ~Minky
Speaking for No-Cost is always possible.  Arrangements can be made about speaking fees that you may want to collect for yourself. Also assistance with promotion is available, if necessary. 
I'm here to help and have fun with you all!
Please contact me directly if you want to talk more about me coming to your facility or event.
This is an inquiry about my comedy act. I will personally respond. 
loriminkyradcliffe at gmail dot com
Sometimes I will connect on LinkedIn. That's it for now.
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(And when you listen anything's possible!)
"I'm Laughing MAss Off Everyday!
​Laughing like exercise, does it's best work when you do it till it 'hurts a little'. But it always hurt so good!" I'm Lori 'Minky' Radcliffe
"I'm Jersey Shore PangPang, folks!"
From NAVEL to KNUCKLE is our specialty!
N2K Exercises
...And GROW It!!
What I do:
  • I promote "Living The C.C.R.A.N. Lifestyle" and growing the CCRANNY Tribe                    (Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition)
  • I help women & men, usually over 45, lose up to 30 Lbs. (more than that is way to serious for me)
  • ​I help them firm up with thigh-reducing, ab-tightening N2K exercises
  • I make it so you never get back on that weight gain-diet roller coaster again. You eat what you want. When you want. AND Maintain your 30 Lb weight loss. You are in control. 
  • I deliver the Laughter Diet to inform and entertain people who want to "enjoy" their dieting! Because I inherently think losing weight  IS a joke. During my performances I tell you why. And validate all that you do! You feel great!
  • I sparingly work with other nurses as a Fitness Nurse Consultant™. Most nurses are looking for stability and want promises and think degrees ensure an income and happiness, but we know differently. I refuse to be miserable. How about you? If not now, when?
Before CCRAN, Up 18lbs.                                  Down 10lbs.                              Down 7lbs.                           Down another 5lbs.
Up 24lbs.                                                   Down 22lbs.
I am up 30lbs. for the LAST time, Down 30lbs. for over a year with CCRAN!