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"I'm Laughing MAss Off Everyday!
​Laughing like diet & exercise, does its best work when you do it till it 'hurts a little'. It always hurt so good!" 
(ie: the hunger pangpang)
Hi! Welcome! You made it!
I'm Lori 'Minky' Radcliffe, THC, HRP, CFN, IAM MOR, FUN
You can call me Minky. 
I'm the Waist-to-Height Diva & Host of The Nobody's Listening Show. My Co-Horts, not hosts, are below. Remember nobody's listening...
"I'm Jersey Shore PangPang, the Pug!  I agree with most opinions of Minky, especially after my chariot ride, my chicken, liver and my nap."

*​By listening you are assuring that you are at least 21 y.o. and not sensitive. All suggestions and stories are anecdotal. Results are atypical and specific to person(s) in the story. Please see your physician or health care practitioner prior to all exercise or diet changes.

Audio recordings* are of live, unedited shows. 
They may be poor quality because Nobody's Listening! 
I do my best. Each one will get better I know. 
If you're wondering if you should laugh... 
the answer is YES! 
Me and my guest Co-Hosts are speaking like 
Nobody's Listening. Can you do it?
Thanks YOU for signing up!
Audio coming soon!
Meanwhile here's my complimentary gift for you.
"I'm Trumpy Bear and everything is my fault."
O.K. I confess a "hint" of politics may emerge. To spice things up and to make sure you're still there. But don't worry, Trumpy Bear is gagged.
You might as well say what you feel. Nobody's Listening anyway. ESPECIALLY if your 51y.o. or older in age, (I'm older than this), you know what I mean.

You're too old for most and not old enough for the rest. 
It's when your 51 that folks stop listening to you. At 50, your living with the digit change from 49 to 50 and enjoying it for a year, then it seems almost suddenly... but at 51, nobody listens to you any more. 

At the job, you're "tolerated" and people "yes you" and "uh hum" and nod at your suggestions. At home, people who used to honor your voice, (your own family) barely listen unless you have "social" relevance. And "your "wisdom" how you lost weight over the years, developed a "hard-body" and kept it relatively feeling and looking good, people would rather listen to someone who's popular, but ignant. (Ignant means past ignorant and not knowing any better. You can't teach what you haven't experienced.) 

Nobody cares how you've maintained weight loss for many years, nor how to keep weight off through the years of 45-55, the HARDEST time for women to lose weight. The fat shifts to your midsection. HORMONES rule. 
We, you and me, know there's nothing new under the sun. You have to become your own "coach". I call it being a "Mock Coach" for yourself. Customize your own lifestyle, with a little help from your ritual(s).

I say midsection or GUT. My struggle is to keep my gut/midsection smaller than my hips. 
Or a Waist to Hip Ratio. I refer to myself as "The Waist to Height Diva"
Do you exercise regularly and still have a:
(I'm using "gut" in terms of "beer gut"; not intestinal "gut flora")

Alcohol GUT
Muffin Top GUT
Pinch an inch and some GUT
Pre-Diabetes GUT
Hypertension GUT
On the Toilet Shittin'-all-the-time GUT
Painful back; weak belly push GUT
Tension/Tight GUT

If you know that reducing it is a critical piece in determining, not only your health, BUT how you FEEL/LOOK for the rest of your life. How do you want to feel?
On The Nobody's Listening Show we talk midsection/GUT in our topics and with the wisdom of various diet & fitness gurus. Since nobody is listening. There is "No Holds Barred", "Let 'er rip", feel in the air. You get it. Unorthodox tricks/tips, not necessarily evidenced-based. Anecdotally based for sure. If you want evidenced-based, it's all out there, or is it?

They share their "secrets" for getting and keeping their mid-section smaller than their hips.
But we also share specifically how/when the wisdom is done. That's critical, but unfortunately nobody listens too it. It's subtle. Let's listen to each other. 

My body type, genetics and life experiences has given me the body I have today. Tell me about yours on the Nobody's Listening show. We're all different, something only really understood with age.

Here's Minky's TOP 5 "Healthy Smelthy" Rituals (MY Rituals to get and keep my 2-pack abs)

  • 1. Don't Exercise to Lose Weight for 2-Pack Abs (try CRAN instead)                                                      (Calorie Restriction Adequate Nutrition)
  • 2. Blow a Kiss / Pot Belly Breathing (automatic with laughing, I do while stretching)
  • 3. Vitamin D Diva (the sun won't kill you, unless you're cavalier about exposure) 
  • ​4. Medical Cannabis for Appetite REDUCTION (Yes, reduction! I know what about the munchies...), Pain Relief, Relaxation & Sleep (feeling comfortable)
  • 5. For Selfish Reasons being Arrogant (claim for one's self. Isn't this Be You, Do You?)

Do you feel that splashing your face with very cold water (no soap) every morning for 12-20 years affects your skin quality for the better? Yes? Great. So do I. What about a shot (ONE) of whiskey every night? Yes? Tell me your rituals... What about a vape of a calming indica cannabis strain? Yes again? ... 

It looks like you have a "Healthy Smelthy" attitude! Again... I welcome you... with Levity.

Keep in mind - It can be that simple of a ritual, routine or potion. You just have to really believe in it. Through all changes in science, fake or not, you don't waver in the belief of your regimen, ritual, potion. For example, I never thought just eating egg whites was good, just because the connected "experts" said so. All the good stuff is in the yoke (for hair, skin, & nails) and like my nana used to say, "God made eggs that way. Stop messing with nature. And why would you spend more money for less of the food?!" 

Healthfully, Anecdotally Yours,

Minky, TH,C (The Humorist, Certifiable)
"Health Liberty" Rituals Practitioner
The Waist to Height Diva, Creator of The Dank n Dirty Abs Life (DNDA Life)
Host, "The Nobody's Listening Show"
My private email
Minky at
If you are interested in more information about guest hosting please send an email with "Guest Host" in the subject line. I will respond within 48 hrs.
The dates and times of the Nobody's Listening (NL) Show and recordings will be shared through my email list.
So will more detailed information of the objectives of the show included in emails too. 
Like sitting under palm trees to relax? Me too. I use a huge picture above my bed.

So you know my popular "lifestyle health rituals". What are yours? 
Of course you have some. You just need to assemble them. 
They're probably already created.
Are you following someone else's lifestyle health rituals that don't flow with you?
For example still can't stop gaining your weight back?
Have you ever asked, "Why does my body want to be fat?"
You have to "flip a switch". One that won't kill you.
Menopause is over. So is Manopause, for men.

It's time to try something very different with your years of wisdom -  
to get that 2-pack back after your divorce, certain birthday and beyond. 
Let's get & keep your WAIST SMALLER than YOUR HIPS!
I can help you find & follow your own personally customized health lifestyle rituals. 
{Not for a 29 y.o., but your custom "health" rituals finally! In the right amount, timing and order.}
Let's talk about them on the Nobody's Listening Show!
Dank n Dirty Abs exercisesExercise helps to shape my body. Like with eating, timing is important here as you move and how hard you exercise. 
That last 20 years were definitely the hardest. But since I discovered my Libertarian diet, it's been the easiest switch. I don't diet and I exercise less than I ever did. Not as sore. More calm. 
Feel good. Look Good.
Minky THC's latest, funnest lifestyle program ever!
Designed for the Divorced, Dank, Dirty and Done with clean eating and living. You're ready to get dirty!

Micro-dosing for Cannabis Virgins. You're welcome. 
Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
Very discreet, no popular social media. Invitation only.
For more about me, Minky, you should know some about me, click on Picture bio link above.
My books for references below:
Beyond my college degrees and certifications, I've been studying and self-experimenting on diets & in fitness since the 1980's. A Libertarian's Diet has mentioned something from these books and tapes above. Minky's Audible and Kindle list may be posted soon.