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"I'm Laughing MAss Off Everyday!
​Laughing like diet & exercise, does its best work when you do it till it 'hurts a little'. It always hurt so good!" 
(ie: the hunger pangpang)
Hi! Welcome! You made it!
I'm Lori 'Minky' Radcliffe, NJFCN, CFN, HRP, IAM MOR, FUN
You can call me Minky. 
I'm the Waist-to-Height Diva!
"I'm Jersey Shore PangPang, the Pug!  I agree with most opinions of Minky, especially after my chariot ride, my chicken, liver and my nap."

O.K. I confess a "hint" of politics may emerge. Only because values matter. I can't expect you do do something you don't believe in. I'm NOT HERE TO CONVINCE YOU. But I believe in Health Liberty!

To spice things up and to make sure you're still there, I may say something to get a rise out of you, stir you up. I often do this during training sessions. To help with future cortisol surges that make you pump insulin and gain weight.

Anyway, don't worry, I've practiced listening and social skills learning and have read "How to Make Friends and Influence People", Dale Carnegie's 1938 edition over 21 times and have listened to newer versions on Audible.. Ii was my grandfather's copy.
Are you ready for it?
Ages 45-55 y.o.
You're too old for most and not old enough for the rest. 
It's when your 51 that folks stop listening to you. At 50, your living with the digit change from 49 to 50 and enjoying it for a year, then it seems almost suddenly... but at 51, nobody listens to you any more. 
At the job, you're "tolerated" and people "yes you" and "uh hum" and nod at your suggestions. At home, people who used to honor your voice, (your own family) barely listen unless you have "social" relevance. Your "wisdom" how you lost weight over the years, (seeing fads
come and go); you developed a "hard-body" and kept it relatively feeling and looking good, on and off, but you still struggle with your weight. Now more than ever.

Nobody cares BUT you -  You've been trying to maintain weight loss for many years, to keep any weight off through the years of 45-55 y.o., the HARDEST time for women to lose weight, is amazing. 
The fat shifts to your midsection from an overflowing liver. All under hormonal control. NOT CALORIES. You will gain weight regardless of calories because of your fatty liver. You do NOT have to have a large gut. YOU'RE TOO SWEET. Your insulin production and usage is OUT OF CONTROL.
HORMONES rule in weight loss and maintenance. 
Homeostasis is what it's all about. Home Sweet Homeostasis.

We, you and me, know there's nothing new under the sun. You have to become your own "coach". I call it being a "Mock Coach" for yourself. Better yet... MOCK MENTORING. Customize your own lifestyle, with a little help from your own tried & true ritual(s).
Apply Occam's Razor principle: The simplest answer is often the best answer. 

I say midsection or GUT. My struggle is to keep my gut/midsection smaller than my hips. 
Or a Waist to Hip Ratio. I refer to myself as "The Waist to Height Diva". Height is used for baseline measurement.
Do you exercise regularly and still have a:
(I'm using "gut" in terms of "beer gut"; not intestinal "gut flora")

Alcohol GUT (But maybe you're not a drinker? Ever hear of NAFLD?)
Muffin Top GUT
Pinch an inch and some GUT
Pre-Diabetes GUT
Hypertension GUT
On the Toilet Shittin'-all-the-time GUT
Painful back; weak belly push GUT
Tension/Tight GUT

If you know that reducing it is a critical piece in determining, not only your health, BUT how you FEEL/LOOK for the rest of your life, at over 45, what is it going to take? How do you want to feel? Look? 
We use some unorthodox tricks/tips, that are not necessarily evidenced-based. BUT - Anecdotally based for sure. If you want evidenced-based, it's all out there. We want you to try something that you will do and works for you for good.

We share our "secrets" for getting and keeping our mid-section smaller than our hips.
But we also share specifically how/when the wisdom is done. That's critical. It's subtle. So, let's listen to each other. 

My body type, hormones, genetics and life experiences has given me the body I have today. 
We're all different in these areas, something I only REALLY understood with age.

Here's Minky's TOP 5 "Healthy Smelthy" Rituals (MY Rituals to get and keep my 2-pack abs)

  • 1. Don't Exercise to Lose Weight for 2-Pack Abs 
  • 2. Blow a Kiss / Pot Belly Breathing (automatic with laughing, I do while stretching)
  • 3. Vitamin D Diva (the sun won't kill you, unless you're cavalier about exposure) 
  • ​4. Medical Cannabis for Appetite REDUCTION (Yes, reduction! I know, what about the munchies?).           Also for Pain Relief, Relaxation & Sleep (feeling comfortable) - critical for weight loss & maintenance.
  • 5. For Selfish Reasons being Arrogant, show off my flat midsection and 2-pack abs (I claim for one's self. Isn't this "Be You, Do You" time?)

Do you feel that splashing your face with very cold water (no soap) every morning for 12-20 years affects your skin quality for the better? Yes? Great. So do I. What about a shot (ONE) of whiskey every night? Yes? Tell me your rituals... What about a nightly vape of a calming indica cannabis strain? Yes again? ... 

It looks like you have a "Healthy Smelthy" attitude! Again... I welcome you... with Levity.

Keep in mind - It can be that simple of a ritual, routine or potion. You just have to really believe in it. Through all changes in science, fake or not, you don't waver in the belief of your regimen, ritual, potion. For example, I never thought just eating egg whites was good, just because the connected "experts" said so. All the good stuff is in the yoke (for hair, skin, & nails) and like my nana used to say, "God made eggs that way. Stop messing with nature. And why would you spend more money for less of the food?!" 

Healthfully, Anecdotally Yours,

Health Rituals Practitioner
The Waist to Height Diva & Vitamin D Diva, 
Creator of Kinesis. Cannabis. Edibis. Fast Club 
(A weight homeostasis club for women 45-55y.o. the hardest time to lose weight, BTW)
#1 Rule of KineCannEdi Fast Club is don't tell anybody you're fasting!

Like sitting under palm trees to relax? Me too. I use a huge picture above my bed.

So you know my popular "lifestyle health rituals". What are yours? 
Of course you have some. You just need to assemble them. 
They're probably already created.
Are you following someone else's lifestyle health rituals that don't flow with you?
For example still can't stop gaining your weight back?
Have you ever asked, "Why does my body want to be fat?"
You have to "flip a switch". One that won't kill you.
Menopause is over. So is Manopause, for men.

It's time to try something very different with your years of wisdom -  
to get that 2-pack back after your divorce, certain birthday and beyond. 
Let's get & keep your WAIST SMALLER than YOUR HIPS!
I can help you find & follow your own personally customized health lifestyle rituals. 
{Not for a 29 y.o., but your custom "health" rituals finally! In the right amount, timing and order.}
Let's connect. E-mail me:  Minky at KineCannEdiFast.club  I'd like to hear your rituals! 
Exercise helps to shape my body. Like with eating, timing is important here as you move and how hard you exercise. 
That last 20 years were definitely the hardest. 
Feel good. Look Good.
Minky NJCN's latest, funnest lifestyle Mock Mentoring program ever!
Designed for the Former Athletes, Former Knock-outs, First Wives... Please 
"Stop Putting  10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. Bag!" 

Micro-dosing for Cannabis Virgins... You're welcome. 
Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
Very discreet, no popular social media. Invitation only.
For more about me, Minky, you should know some about me, click on Picture bio link above.
My books for references below:
Beyond my college degrees and certifications, I've been working, studying and self-experimenting on diets & in fitness since the 1980's. Minky's Audible and Kindle list may be posted soon. 
Lori 'Minky' Radcliffe, NJFCN
Cannabinated Fitness Nurse
Health Rituals Practitioner
Waist 2 Height Diva  Who:
Mentors Former Athletes, Former Knockouts, First Wives to build some muscle, burn a lot of sugar and lose that GUT! Stop putting "10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. bag!"
My FAV REFERENCES over the years and somehow in all of my writing: Thank you for your wisdom and your work. (Does not include my Kindle or Audible list of references)
Kine-Cann-Edi Fast Club

New Jersey Fitness & 
Cannabis Nurse
Kinesis. Cannabis. Edibis.
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Very limited social media because of discretion.

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Talk soon!
Minky + PangPang
Skinny fat is when you have something called TOFI (Thin Outside; Fat Inside). Your scale weight is very inaccurate when determining your health as you age. Even BMI can be deceiving. 
You have been getting overfat or skinny-fat for years. Losing unused muscle (sarcopenia), lose strength, less energy, more pain and stiffness. Fat from liver goes into your muscle (marbling it like steak). Not good in humans. Your muscles are designed to help you with sugar regulation BUT eventually they become insensitive to insulin and can't help you because of their lack of use.
I use waist to height ratios, blood pressure, blood sugar and how your clothes fit. And all the compliments you'll get. 
The 420 second workout exercises are designed to help with this and are timed to have the most effect on your sugar burning needs.

On the call I will tell you in a matter of 420 seconds what cannabis does for your appetite control (even after the munchies) and why it can be a safe, lifelong ritual and replace other vices that keep you fat and diabetic prone.
​Why do you exercise?
Live longer? ...pain free?
Better self image propels you to stretch yourself in other areas of your life.

You could be exercising to "clear your head"? Well, mission accomplished, I guess. 
Wouldn't you rather improve your self-image, clear your head, reduce your wine/beer belly AND live longer better, all at the same time
If you are skinny fat, which I suspect you think you are, even with the walking - without some musculature, you will always have a weight problem. Which leads to diabetes usually.

Walking* doesn't change your body looks very much.  But it does other very important things when the timing is right!
If you want to change your look, you have to challenge your skeletal muscles.
My clients are interested in changing their look AND their feel. They don't feel good after drinking. They are often bloated.
Too feel great, to look great, you need timed resistance to your muscles and bones and to reduce your alcohol intake. And cannabis can help with both.

*If you enjoy walking as I do - there is a way to do it that's simpler than you think. Low stress walking. Ask me about it. I'll bring it up within the program too.

You are not going to waste time in the gym or at home or anywhere you exercise, unless it's YOUR choice to do so. 
Here's what you're going to get on this page as promised:

  • The cyclic diagram of the 420 Second Workout program
  • ​Minky's personal (sample) kitchen food staple list
  • Names of the targeted exercises {from the 420 Second Workout} that you'll look forward to doing
  • NEXT Webinar Date & Time
  • Phone number to talk to me, Minky, for 420 seconds, about the your unique program 
  • Awesome link about AUTOPHAGY & Exercise. Fast forward to the end for summation or call me & I'll summarize it for you. I just don't you to think I pulled this info out of my ass. Muscle wasting and getting "over fat" (Scale weight is deceptive!) are early signs of insulin resistance & skinny-fat diabetes. Book mark this YOU tube link!!!